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Tania Parsons, what can I say! Today our browbands arrived in the mail. To say the photos did them justice would be a grose understatement. Cullens Legacy's.. who ever competes in the ring with him will need sunnies.. I will go as far as saying its the best browband I have EVER seen and I can't wait to put it on him. Nnenna's.. The Roses on the side are so feminine which I love, and the ring with ...
the pearl detail, gives it that old fashioned feel which I love (and is very much her and I) and is also my birthstone.. I could not have asked for a better browband for her.. EVER! Hy Impression's browband.. It is as Regal in life as it is in photos, it matches my outfit and him perfectly! It is flashy to show bring him the attention he craves (have I mentioned he is an attention hog lol), and it has the class "regal-ness" when "his royal highness" gets into work and shows just how majestic he really is. I am never disappointed by Browbands Of Distiction. Considering I "threw the reins at you" and left to your own creativity, my expectations have been exceeded dramatically. Thankyou ever-so-much Tania. Your not just a gem.. your a diamond. :D
— Renae Kingston Mayne from Aylesbury Lodge
oh wow!!!!!! THANKYOU its stunning. Thankyou for turning my gobbly gook description into something special you clever thing !
 I highly recommend Browbands of Distinction.Not only do I have a stunning new browband but I even got free personal delivery and a chance for a catch up. Spoilt!! Thanks Tan xxxx
- Jodie Luck from Almazaan Stud
Browbands of Distinction/Tania Parsons = seriously awesome Browbands!!! Check out our guys' new rippers on my wall (Facebook)!

Tania you're absolutely brilliant!!!!

 - Renae Kingston Mayne



Tania, recieved your browband today and your photo just doesnt do it justice, it is SENSATIONAL!! The colours are perfect! Thankyou! xx

- Karen Sheridan



Tania, thankyou for these stunning browbands, they look fantastic. Extremely happy with the quality and speed you got them to me, Huge thanks

- Paul Hedges



They arrived today!


so love my red blue and whites, lol!

amber adores the pink, kaitelyn loves the baby blue checkerboard and tahlia loves the duo blues, cant wait to show christine tomorrow!

thanks again


(Karen Sheridan - Sheridan Park Arabians)

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Hi Tania, received my browband today and I absolutely love it! Thank you so so much! Can't wait to use it :)

Alexandra Growden



Hi Tania,
I recieved my beautiful order yesterday. I LOVE them!!!
Thank you so much.
I will be sure to get some photos at competitions and send them to you!



I think Tania Parsons is a GENIUS! Thanks Tan - the browband is Beautiful! :)

Jess Wilson



Yums is just delicious - omg THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU
You have a great talent Tania thankyou sooooo much for making them so beautiful for me... hell i almost got tears in my eyes!!! just devine!!!!

- Veronica Mortimer


Hi Tania, 

Aurigan de Gwaihir had his first outing in your amazing browband last weekend at Canberra Royal. Being a show hunter he doesn't get to wear it nearly enough. However he wore it and came 2nd in the Ridden Derivitive mare or gelding over 15hh.

I just sold him and the new owners are taking the browband, so I'll be ordering another one for my next horse later in the year!

Thanks again,




Hi Tania
Thankyou very much for the browband. I received it today. Thought i would just send a quick email to you to say it is absolutley stunning, such a lovely browband and it is exactly how i wanted it! Perfect!
I will definatley be recommending your browbands to others!

Thanks again!



Hi Tania,


I received the stock, pin and hair scrunchy last night.  They are gorgeous, absolutely spot on with the same colours and basically looks like I have sent you the brow band and you have worked off that.  All of it is perfect and so stylish I absolutely love it – thank you so much.  I will definitely try to get out soon so I can send a picture back and let you see what I mean.


Once again thank you so much and I am sure you will hear from me in the not too distant future. (I always end up with too many things for my horse) :D







Hi Tania,

We have recieved the parcel!!!!!!!!!! All the products are SO amazing and absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! Wow Chips browbands is more perfect than I had imagined! The stocks are so beautiful and 5 of them are all ready on their way and 2 of the browbands are also already sold :-)

We got the parcel yesterday (wednesday) and took model pictures of Chips right away :-) I have attached a couple for you. (see customer pics page) We were supposed to take him to our ridning instructor to be ridden for the first time in 6 months today but we have snow all over and we could no go anywhere today. He would have looked perfect with his new browband! I use this saddelblanket to his new browband. They match perfect!




Hi Taina,  meant to let you know last week, browbands arrived and they are just so stunning. 

Thank you very much!

Sharon Crossland J



Hi Tania,

             Just to let you know i received the browband and lapel today.Thankyou so much it is beautiful i love it to bits and it fits nicely to. And Catherine said it is the best browband she has seen..

Thankyou you again..

I will definitely send you pics of it on Jezz at the next shows we go to..

Hear from you soon




Hi Tania,

Just to let you know I am thrilled with the browband, it's perfect.
Chevy wore it on Sunday at the Northern Hack and Halter show,
and he went Supreme Dilute!

Thanks again




We also export to Denmark...this is what they have to say about our products...

Hi Tania - ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!! Hehe I just recieved the second parcel and OH MY GOD the items are abolutely amazing and wonderfull!!!!!!!!I wish you could have seen our faces! We could not stop toutching and looking at it all. The stocks are so perfectly sewed and the quality is just stunning. WOW!!! I will try to put them on our page to the high price and then we will see. The browbands are also so amazing and I was very sad because I fell in love with the brown you have sent and my horse is way to large for this browband. I really hope that we can sell the items to the high price because they are so lovely!

Med venlig hilsen/ Best regards

Janne K. Hansen
Salgschef/Sales Manager

Skærlund Design i/s
Kokmosevej 32- 7330 Brande - Denmark
Phone: +4528744742 – cvr:




      Hi Tan,

 Thankyou so much for the browband, it is beautiful, I had to put it on for a photo.

Yesterday, after riding Bella, I went down to Karen Perrys and rode her horse " Harry" as she had her operation the other day, she wanted me to ride him.  Well, I jumped my highest I've ever jumped with was 110cm.  I just can't wait until I get Bella at that height,but as for now I'm still just jumping around 80- and max, 100. I've only done 100 on her a few times.

The photos I've attached were from a few weeks ago,

  Once again thankyou soo much for the browband,  it looks great on her!

Love Amy

 ( I looked up your website, Bailey looks very cute.)



Hi Tania, 

Wow thank you so much, that is exactly what I wanted, you have no idea how many websites I went too to try and find the exact browband I was after instead of getting one made up.  Then I actually searched the internet for people who make them up and look through their browbands, I didn’t actually like many other peoples browbands.  I loved yours though so this is exactly what I wanted, I cant wait to finally get it onto my boy.  I have attached a picture of him so you can see how good he will look with this, my hacking jacket is navy and all his gear is black, plus his white stripe will accent the cream, so he will look fantastic, as soon as I get it I will have a picture taken with it on.

 Thanks again,


Oh by the way, I received the browband and pin yesterday afternoon and I absolutely love it, I took it out with me to the stables and held it up against him and its going to look absolutely exquisite.


Hi Tania,

Thank you very much for your lovely comments J My girls did me very proud and both looked stunning!!! I honestly couldn’t be happier for everyone’s first ever SA show so I am wrapped. 

And thank you for making such lovely Browbands its amazing how it finishes off the overall look!! As well as doing a fantastic job with clipping the little missy moo she looked great!!

Many Thanks again for all your help words of wisdom and advice you’re the best J 

Kind Regards 

Emily Murray

Business Development Executive



Hi Tania,

I recieved my stock yesterday, and it is perfect!!  Just what I wanted.

Thanks heaps




 Hi Tania

I got a chance to collect them over the weekend – the stock is STUNNING  very very happy with it , and of course the browband is great but I knew what to expect for it.

Will be in touch next time I need something 

Thanks again